Volunteer Awards

Jeff Pop Coaching Award

The Jeff Pop Coaching Award is given to the volunteer coach who best exemplifies the core principles of PIE - Positive, Instructional, and Encouraging. It is not given out every year as some years/seasons no volunteer rises to the level meriting the award. Current Board members that season are not eligible to receive the award.


  • 2019
    • Siegfried Aguilar
    • Sarah Christopher
  • 2012
    • Amrita Chawla
    • Steve Witmer

Sportsmanship Cup Volunteer Award

This award is given out to the volunteer who distinguishes themselves above and beyond the call in support of our local tournament meant to highlight the core AYSO Philosophy of Good Sportsmanship.


  • 2014
    • Mia Grossman

Referees of the Season Award

While we have so many people in our community who volunteer and referee, there are always some who go way beyond what is expected or asked them, giving their time to help kids play this game they love with their friends. As such, we like to call out and recognize the volunteers who collectively gave so much of their time to the Region that season. In 2019 we decided to break the referee awards into Referee of the Year (for doing the most Center Referee assignments during the season), Assistant Referee of the Year (for doing the most Assistant Referee assignments during the season), and Rookie Referee of the Year (for being the newly certified referee who has done the most referee assignments during the season).


  • 2019
    • Referee of the Year - Saiid Arjomand
    • Assistant Referee of the Year - Mourad Tighiouart
    • Rookie Referee of the Year - Stephen Hinden
  • 2018
    • Saiid Arjomand
    • Richard Bronshvag
    • Mehran Mehrtash
    • Robert Osborne
    • Mourad Tighiouart
    • David Volvovic
    • Nagat Zeidan Hasson
    • Rayan (leading youth referee)