What Division am I in?

What Division Am I In?

How do you determine a player's age? AYSO utilizes a so-called “birth year” registration. Under birth year registration, division is determined solely based on a player’s date of birth, so for example, all players born in 2010 will be in the same age group, regardless of whether they were born in January, 2010 or December, 2010, and also regardless of whether they’re in the same grade at school. The birth year registration system complies with the new guidelines of U.S. Soccer, the governing body of soccer in the U.S.

What if my child’s birth year now places him/her with children who are mostly in a higher grade? Can we move him/her down? As a rule, AYSO does not allow move-downs to a division below a player’s age group. We may, on a case by case basis, consider move-down requests based on grade, but only for players age 9 or younger. All such requests must be made no later than July 31 in order to be considered. Please CLICK HERE to submit your request.

Division Assignments
(Fall 2022)

Division Directors
(Fall 2022)


Born In



Playground 4U 2019 Rich Baron Rich Baron
Schoolyard 5U 2018 Rich Baron Rich Baron
6U 2017 Cammi Goodman &
Jillian Kogan
Cammi Goodman &
Jillian Kogan
7U 2016 Shawn Landis &
Kier Stumpf
Shawn Landis &
Josh Spector
8U 2015 Glenn Kirschbaum Brian Goldberg
9U 2014 Adi Hacker Stephen Hinden &
Stacey Book
10U 2013 Rochelle Buller &
Jeannine Jacobi
Stephen Hinden &
Stacey Book
12U 2011-2012 Frank Chechel Kimberly Frenkel
14U 2009-2010 Ramon Leon Nagat Zeidan
16U 2007-2008 Grischa Alasadi Grischa Alasadi
19U 2005-2006 Grischa Alasadi Grischa Alasadi


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