Fall Online Registration

Welcome to Fall 2023 Season On-Line Registration Information!

Fall 2024 Online Registration

If you accept the policies below and are ready to register now  Proceed To The Registration Application.

Step 1 - Make Sure You're in the Right Place

Please read the following information carefully. If you are new to AYSO, you can also open up our Program Information Page, a page specially designed to tell you about our program - it will open up in a separate window so you won't lose your place here.

Next, as the airlines say, make sure you're in the right place. You are about to register for Region 76, which serves Beverly Hills, Bel Air and the surrounding communities. Our region has an open registration policy and we will accept players from anywhere in Southern California.  However, we are centered in Beverly Hills and our practice and game schedules would probably be quite inconvenient for any player and family unless they live or go to school in Beverly Hills or the nearby communities. We have posted information about other local AYSO Regions.

If you're in the right place, read on.

Step 2 - Review Our Policies

Requests and Team Assignments

Every year we receive numerous requests concerning team assignments. These requests are simple to make but they are not easy to grant. Before we allow you to register, we will require you to read and accept our policy on how we deal with requests. If you do not read and accept the policy, you will not be able to register.

Players 8 to 18 years old (Divisions 9U to 19U)

WE DO NOT ACCEPT REQUESTS. This policy applies to:

  • Teammate requests (except for age appropriate requests for brothers or sisters or other children living in the same household)
  • Co-coach requests (except when one of the coaches is not a parent or guardian of a player in the division involved, or if we determine the coaching combination will not affect team balance).

Players 5 to 7 years old (Divisions 6U and 8U)

We entertain requests but we do not guarantee that requests will be granted.

  • We will not allow teams almost entirely made up of requests (e.g., all players from one school).
  • We are much less likely to consider requests made after July 31, when teams have been formed.

Players 3 and 4 years old (Divisions 4U and 5U)

Our Playground (4U) and Schoolyard (5U) AYSO programs consists of skills training and short-sided scrimmages. All players will be guided by our team of professional trainers and players will participate in the weekly program jamboree style.


We do not accept conditional registrations, such as a registration conditional on a player being on a particular team or with a particular player or not practicing on a certain day. We will work with you to deal with practice time conflicts but please understand that we make the teams up before we assign practice fields to the teams.

We reserve the right to cancel the registration of any player if we believe that the parent or guardian is harassing the division director about team assignments. Please remember - our division directors are volunteers and we ask you to be polite and understanding.

We do actually have reasons for our policies on requests. If you would like to learn more about them, please visit our requests page. (If you click on the link, it will open up a new window so that you can return here without losing your place.)

We make team assignments in August and you will be notified at that time. We reserve the right to adjust teams after the season has begun if necessary to balance teams.  We draft teams to be equal but teams can become unbalanced if, for example, a strong player drops out after teams have been assigned.


Our refund policy can be found here.


We have an absolute prohibition on players of any age wearing any form of jewelry other than medical alert bracelets. This ban includes, in particular, studs worn in newly pierced ears (or other body parts), friendship bands, bracelets of any kind, religious jewelry, and metal hair clips.  We also do not allow bracelets or earrings to be taped up. NO EXCEPTIONS!! No one, including any coach, referee or regional board member, has authority to waive this rule.


Field space, coaches and referees are all in limited supply!  Acceptance of a registration is subject to availability.


Our program depends on volunteers. When you register, please sign up to be a referee, a coach, a program administrator, or even a sponsor for players who need help (both in our Region 76 and our sister program in South Los Angeles). You will get another chance to do this when you complete your registration. Since 2004, teams 9U and above have been required to provide referees in accordance with our Volunteer Point Program. Details of this program are subject to change. Teams that do not provide volunteers will not be eligible to participate in the knockout rounds of the regional playoffs or participate in the Area League Champions tournament.


Our privacy policy is available here. A link to the policy is on every page on this site.

Registration Form/Medical Release

Before a player may play or practice, a parent (or the player if 18 years old) must sign a standard form of registration form/medical release. The legal terms are posted here. This will be part of your registration application you sign during the registration process.

Other Policies

We have many other policies that apply to various aspects of participation in our program. These policies are located on this website and/or elsewhere. Participation is conditional on your complying with any policies applicable to you. Our policies are subject to change.

If you accept these policies  Proceed To The Registration Application.

We recommend that you whitelist the following email addresses: registrar@ayso76.org, webmaster@ayso76.org and ayso76@leaguemail.net