Program Overview

Please review the information below containing important details for our Fall 2020 modified program.

Skills training is now underway!

Dear Region 76 Families,

Here is a status update about our Return to Train. Firstly, before we dive in, let me thank all of you for your participation. It’s only by coming together in a spirit of cooperation, with an understanding of our current public health situation and a resect for each other and our community, that we are able to advance to this point Let’s continue on this path of cooperation, working together and with the City of Beverly Hills, so that we can help our kids once again enjoy outdoor activity and use the game of soccer to both have fun and learn.

  • Opening Day - Required Forms
  • Sequence and Protocol for Drop-off and Pickup

Opening Day - Required Forms

Opening Day formally will be Saturday, October 3rd. Over the course of the next two days, you can expect to receive an e-mail from our Registrar with a link to electronically sign the AYSO Coronavirus Waiver. In addition, for those of you with children in 12U and below, you will receive a second e-mail with a Pickup Authorization Form for you to fill out in the event that you plan to have someone besides yourself pick up your child from their Skills Training Session. Please fill out and electronically sign both items as soon as you can so we can get things ready for Opening our Fall season.

Sequence and Protocol for Drop-off and Pickup

Many of you have had further questions about how our program will work with Fall. Here are the details. You will be contacted by your respective Division Director with what day and time your child’s training session will be. All players must arrive at the session wearing a mask and bringing a ball, a bottle of water, wearing shin guards, and hand sanitizer. We request that you plan to arrive at the La Cienega Park circular driveway between 30 minutes and 10 minutes prior to the start of your session so we can properly handle drop-off.

At drop-off, we will both be asking screening questions based on input from our medical committee and data from Cedars Sinai and other professionals and taking your child’s temperature. We will provide a copy of these questions in a separate e-mail along with how we will handle situations when a player fails the screener or temperature check. Assuming they pass both, which we expect most will, the child will exit the car and be directed on to the field where they will go to their designated home box on the field. At this location, which will serve as their home base in between drills, the player can leave their bag, water, etc.

The session will last one hour for now. The training sessions will be led by our pro trainers and will make use of the new training equipment we have acquired to facilitate drills and age appropriate skills development at a higher level than we have done before. We will also have two volunteer parents, per cohort/team, on the field to assist with players maintaining social distance at all times.

For pickup at the conclusion of the session, we ask that parents arrive on time and no more than 15 minutes after the conclusion of the session so that we can clear the field and get ready for the next training session. You will pull up at the same circular driveway where you dropped off your child. You will give the volunteer the name of the child you, or your authorized alternate, will be picking up. You will then be asked to pull up on Gregory Way in the empty spaces set aside for player pickup. We will then radio into the field for your child to be guided out safely to your car so you can then drive off.

This is high level and more information will be sent to you over the next week. Please make sure you volunteer, if you can, as we need two volunteers per team to make this program work.

Thank you for your efforts and for understanding that having any kind of program this Fall is a privilege and it’s only by working together that we can make it happen.


Region 76 Board