Post-Season Guidelines & Rules

Revised 2022


This document describes the selection process of coaches, teams, and players for Post- Season play in Region 76. Our objective is the participation of the largest possible number of players in Post-Season play and to keep them playing for as long as possible. Following the AYSO philosophies, we hope the players will have a positive experience during Post-Season play.

AYSO National Guidelines Apply

The following sections of the AYSO National Policy Statements regulate Post-Season play, in particular the sections on "Secondary Programs" and "All-Star Programs".

Our Region’s policy statement will be guided by the AYSO philosophies and will be consistent with the above rules. The ideal solution of organizing and implementing a full Spring Regular season like our Fall season is not feasible given the lack of field space. Therefore, we need to rely primarily on tournaments and Spring leagues from other Regions to provide our players with a positive soccer experience in the spring and summer.

Types of Post-Season Teams

There are four (4) types of Post-Season teams in Region 76: (1) League champions from divisions 10U, 12U, and 14U that represent our region in the Area 1-P League Champions Playoffs, (2) teams from divisions 10U, 12U, and 14U that represent our region in the Area 1-P All Star Tournament; (3) tournament teams from divisions 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, and 19U, and (4) “Extra” teams.

In 16U and 19U divisions, regular season play involves interregional competition and some of our teams could make the Sectional playoffs in upper divisions.

The league champions in 10U, 12U and 14U divisions represent Region 76 at the Area 1-P League Champions Playoffs in early January. These teams have absolute priority over the other Post-Season teams regarding players. A league champion team might advance to the Sectional and Western States Playoffs, which are usually played in March.

Our representative All-Star teams in divisions 10U, 12U and 14U participate in the Area 1-P All-Star Tournament in mid-January, following the conclusion of the Area 1-P League Champions Tournaments. These teams might advance from this tournament to the Sectional Playoffs in early March, and after that, to the Western States Playoffs in late March. All-Star teams cannot be formed before December 1. Once an All-Star team has concluded its’ participation in the Area, Section and Western States playoffs, it has no special status and is treated like any other category (3) tournament team. Players assigned to Extra teams cannot play in the All-Star tournament.

In addition to the All-Star teams, we also have tournament teams in 10U, 12U and 14U divisions and, based on player demand and coach availability, we typically have 16U and 19U teams as well. We encourage as many teams and players as there are qualified coaches, referees, and committed players.

Participation in Tournaments

All teams may participate in Thanksgiving tournaments and will participate in our Sportsmanship Cup tournament. In mid-January, the All Star A Team represents Region 76 in the Area 1P All-Star Tournament, and possibly in early-March and April as well if the team advances to the Sectional and the Western States Playoffs. All teams continue play in available tournaments.

The Tournament Director (also referred to as the Post Season Director) makes available a list of tournaments that are historically relatively competitive, and tournaments that allow grouping of teams according to strength/experience. This raises the probability that all teams will have competitive games and that the tournaments will be fun for the players. In addition, participants will find tournament information on the AYSO National website at, go to the “Events” drop down menu, and click on tournaments.



By mid-October and confirmed at November Board Meeting.

All candidates must fill out the AYSO Region 76 Beverly Hills / Tournament Team Coaching Application Form and deliver/mail it to the appropriate Division Director (DD) and Post Season Director.

Candidates are typically, but not necessarily, coaches of record for regular Fall season play.

Division Directors are not eligible to coach All-Star/Tournament teams in their own divisions unless a specific exception is made by the coaching commission, Post Season Committee, and confirmed by the Board of Directors.

All candidates must have Safe Haven training, concussion awareness training, and the division-appropriate coaching certificate; oftentimes the Intermediate and Advanced Coaching Certificates. Please consult the Coach Administrator if you have any questions.

All coaches for teams at games will be AYSO volunteers. No coach can charge a player for private lessons if he is coaching on a Post-Season team on which such a player is eligible to participate. Violation of this rule shall be grounds for terminating the coach.

The coach shall sign a pledge that he/she will not attempt to take the tournament “team” club in the following season. “Team” for this purpose shall be defined as more than three (3) players.


The Tournament Director(s) or Division Director(s) provide all coaches an opportunity to fill out the AYSO Region 76 Beverly Hills Coach Tournament Application.

The Division Director(s) along with one of the Assistant Regional Commissioners, and/or the Tournament Director will form a committee to review the candidates and if necessary interview and evaluate the candidates by applying the criteria set forth herein. The choices will be presented to the Post Season Committee which will determine the coaches who will be presented to the Board for confirmation.

The appointment of a coach to an All-Star team does not guarantee that his/her child will be on the team. A tournament team, as opposed to an All-Star team or “A” team, head coach normally will have his/her child on a team.

The following criteria, in the stated order of importance, guide the selection:

  1. The coach has demonstrated his/her ability to implement the coach-related AYSO philosophies (everyone plays, positive coaching, good sportsmanship and player development) towards all players, referees, parents, and coaches during practices and games,
  2. Commitment to continue with the team for the rest of the Spring tournament season,
  3. Previous success in keeping the team together for many tournaments and for having provided a positive experience for the players,
  4. Soccer knowledge including but not limited to the level of formal training attained, and,
  5. Consistent participation as a volunteer such as a referee, volunteering at regional practices on Monday or Flex sessions or at regional clinics.

The recommendations of the Post Season Committee or Regional Administrator appointed as described below along with confirmation by the Board of Directors is necessary for appointment of a Post-Season team coach. In the event of a no confirmation vote the Division Directors or the Post-Season Director shall appoint the Post-Season Coaches.

The selection of coaches should be made by mid-October subject to confirmation at the November Board Meeting or earlier by e-mail to the Board by the Regional Commissioner. This deadline is necessary to give the coaches time to observe as many players/teams as possible, prior to the player selection process.

Tournament team coaches are required to confirm their understanding that teams are not their teams but the Region’s teams. Coaches have an affirmative duty to know these and all other applicable rules, which they agree upon with their signing of the regional contract including signing that they have read and understand these rules.


Teams first play in a Thanksgiving Weekend tournament and then in our own Beverly Hills Sportsmanship Cup (mid-December). The Area League Playoffs will take place during (or right after) the first week of January, and the Area All-star Tournament will begin mid-January. There are also numerous tournaments throughout the spring and summer.

General Guidelines for All Divisions

No later than the first weekend in October, all coaches will provide information on players (the number to be limited by the Post- Season Tournament Director(s) and Division Director) whom they believe to meet the criteria for playing in Post-Season tournaments. (The number may be different from one division to another, bearing in mind different team sizes.) They will provide the team letter, coach’s name, player’s name, position(s) played, color of uniform and player’s jersey number to the Division Director. The DD must to ensure the participation of all coaches in the player identification process.

If an All Star Team player is unavailable for one or more games for the Area All-star Tournament, then that player might not be selected to play in the Area Tournament or may be an alternate on a team with a roster size greater than that allowed by the Area.

  1. Player’s Selection Criteria. The selection criteria for the players are:
    1. Commitment to our region (Starting in the fall of 2012: This factor is intended to highlight the difficulty created by players who are committed to other extracurricular activities that lead them to miss a significant percentage of practices and games during the regular season because of those activities. To avoid this issue, players and their families should sign up to participate in our Region before the first game, and should be available and participate in almost all team practices and games. It is a privilege to participate in Post- Season tournament soccer and the Division Directors, Post-Season Tournament Director(s), the Assistant Regional Commissioner, and, ultimately, the Regional Commissioner will not let a player who is committed to our Region lose their spot on a tournament team to a player who may be more skillful, but does not have the same commitment.),
    2. Skill level of the player,
    3. Commitment to AYSO principles,
    4. Attitude and commitment to play through the Spring, and
    5. Parents’ commitment as volunteers by being referees who are qualified and sufficiently experienced to officiate games in the Post-Season, and as general volunteer(s) in our region.
  2. Numbers of players per team. If there are two or more tournament teams in a division, then the top group of players (up to 18 players but no less than 15) in 14U, (up to 14 players but no less than 12) in 12U, and (up to 12 players but no less than 10) in 10U, as determined by the coaches, the Post-Season Tournament Director(s) and by the Post-Season Selection Committee will form each team. The All-Star team is the A team. The next group of players forms the B team. The subsequent group(s) selected comprises the C team(s). The age of the player is not necessarily a deciding factor but it is an important factor to be selected to the A tournament team. If there are two players of roughly equal skill/commitment, preference should always be given to the older player as this player must move up to the next division at the end of the season.

    The most skilled group of players forms the first tournament team, TEAM A, which will represent Region 76 in the Area playoffs normally an older team. Under the guidance of the Division Director and the Post-Season Tournament Director(s), the remaining tournament teams can be formed. The B team shall be composed of the most qualified younger players, although the roster may be augmented with extra older players at the discretion of the Post Season Committee. The rest of the teams may be mixed as to ages. As mentioned before, we encourage as many teams and players as there are qualified coaches and committed players.

    Under no circumstances at any point in the tournament season may a coach either add a player from within the region or borrow a player from another region without consent of the Post-Season Tournament Director(s) or, in an unavoidable emergency, the Tournament Director, a Coach Administrator, or the Regional Commissioner.

    Coaches may not solicit a player from one tournament team or the parents of such player to leave that team or to decline an invitation to join a tournament team for which the player has been selected in order to play on a different team – this is ground for immediate dismissal as a coach.

  3. Post-Season Selection Committee. In all cases, the Post-Season Selection Committee retains the authority over the selection of players. After the regular season ends the Post-Season Tournament Director(s) will have the authority. The Post-Season Tournament Director(s) may with the consent of the Regional Commissioner adjust teams for any reason, if necessary or appropriate in the interests of the children in question or the program as a whole.

    A Post-Season Selection Committee for each Division shall exist consisting of a Regional Administrator appointed by the Regional Commissioner such as Assistant Regional Commissioner, Coach Administrator, or other experienced coach who does not have a child playing on a regular season team in the division being evaluated, the Division Director, the Tournament Team Head Coach and up to six (6) experienced regular season coaches who will meet to pick the teams after reviewing all of the coaches’ recommendations, and observing the teams. The Committee must follow the player selection criteria set forth above.

  4. Teams with more players than maximum roster size. Except with the permission of the Regional Commissioner and the Post-Season Tournament Director(s), all Post-Season teams must begin with a number of players not less than the maximum roster size generally permitted by AYSO for the division in question, currently 15 in 14U, 12 in 12U and 10 in 10U. The selection process will continue until each Post-Season team has received commitments from parents of the required minimum number of players. The policy of the Region is to permit the addition of between one and three additional players to each Tournament (as opposed to All Star) team.

    All players on a Post-Season team are of equal rank. No distinction shall be made between players on the basis that one or more are alternates. Because a team with a greater number of players than the maximum permitted roster size (an “over-size team”) may be unable to have more than such maximum on the roster for any given tournament, the following guidelines shall apply:

    1. No player shall be required to sit out more than one tournament until every player has sat out a tournament. Thanksgiving tournaments and the Sportsmanship Cup are not counted for this purpose. The sit-out rule will be interpreted flexibly in the case of a player who sits out a tournament in which they were scheduled to play as a result of last minute illness, rescheduling of the tournament or other reason beyond the control of the player and his or her family. In general, the team should try to re-arrange sit- outs but is not obligated to do so.
    2. So far as possible, the team will request parents to indicate their preference concerning the tournaments their children will sit out and will try (but is not bound) to honor such preferences.
    3. Priority should generally be given to players who can attend all of the games of a tournament. Priority will also be given to players with parents who are volunteer referees who can officiate at the tournaments the team will be attending.
    4. The Regional Commissioner or the Post-Season Tournament Director(s) may in his or her discretion approve a roster for a tournament with fewer than the maximum number permitted. This is permitted but not encouraged.
    5. For the Area All Star Tournament, subject to paragraph (c), the team should be selected to be the strongest possible team to represent the Region.
    6. The Region will approve the roster for any over-size team that secures permission from a tournament to bring more than the standard maximum number of players. If a tournament permits a team to bring more than the maximum number to the tournament provided that no more than the maximum number play in any given game, all players on the team must play in as many games as possible and playing time should, over the course of the tournament, be distributed fairly.
    7. The Region recognizes that last minute unavailability of a player may occur. If permitted by the tournament, the team may replace the unavailable player with a team member to the roster and may not add a player from any other team if a team player is available as a replacement.

    Any deviation from these guidelines must be approved either by the Regional Commissioner or the Post-Season Tournament Director(s), who have authority to interpret and implement the guidelines to deal with unforeseen circumstances and generally for the benefit of the players and the program as a whole.

Division-Specific Guidelines

  • 19U and 16U: These older divisions typically field one tournament team per gender. Division directors select coaches and the coaches, under the guidance of the DDs and RC, select players. Because these divisions cannot field teams during the High School soccer season (mid-November through the end of the CIF regular season and any playoffs), the time for selecting upper division tournament teams will differ from the general guidelines given above.
  • 14U: In division 14U, there will likely be no more than two teams and potentially only one team (per gender), in which case the team normally selects 18 but no less than 15 players with the understanding that only 15 players are eligible for the Area Playoffs, but that all players will ultimately play in other Post-Season tournaments. The larger than usual size of the roster not only allows the participation of a larger number of players in Post-Season play, but it also provides the coach with a full roster in case of some player emergencies. We welcome efforts to form a second team of players, if there is strong interest on the part of the players and qualified coaches. There is no age separation in these divisions.
  • 12U: All coaches in these divisions have input in selecting the tournament teams. Each coach shall submit recommendations for qualified players from his or her team not to exceed the fixed number determined by the Division Director. Coaches should indicate whether a player is being submitted solely on the basis of his or her ability and aptitude as a goalkeeper. The Division Post-Season Selection Committee selects up to the top fourteen (14) players but no less than twelve (12) players for the “A” team. This tournament team is called TEAM A. Under the guidance of the Division Director and Post-Season Tournament Director(s), the remaining tournament teams can be formed by the Post-Season Selection Committee utilizing the exact same process, however the B team shall be composed of the best (utilizing the selection criteria guidelines) younger players and the other teams, the next best (utilizing the selection criteria guidelines) remaining players regardless of age. Again, any B and C teams, if selected, must have no less than twelve (12) players and it is recommended that they have up to fourteen (14) players.
  • 10U: Each 10U coach shall submit recommendations for qualified players from his or her team for consideration by the Post-Season Selection Committee. The Division Director will ask all regular season team coaches for their top three (3) recommendations for consideration for Post-Season play; the coach may seek permission from the Division Director to submit separately an additional recommendation. A Post- Season Selection Committee for each gender will ultimately choose the team. The A team will normally be no less than ten (10) and up to twelve (12) players who best meet the player selection criteria. The B team shall be made out of the best younger players and it is recommended that it have up to twelve (12) players but not less than ten (10) players. The last two (2) players on the B team may be older to assist with the competitiveness of the B team due to size and strength considerations. The B team will choose the best younger players (using the player selection criteria). Any other post season 10U teams shall be balanced with the next most qualified older and younger players (utilizing the player selection criteria).


The following is addressed to coaches and administrators of All-Star and Tournament teams:

Team Status

All Post-Season teams are Tournament teams until December 1. After this date All-Star teams may be announced. It is important to note that Post-Season play may not in any way interfere with the regular season. Once the Area All-Star tournament (including the Sectional and Western States tournaments) has been completed, each All-Star team becomes another Tournament team and will have no special status or priority, except if a particular tournament limits the number of teams from each Region. In that event, the priority of team participation will be the A Team, then the B Team, then the C Team #1, then C Team #2, and so on. When more than one team is permitted to participate in any given tournament, the Post-Season Tournament Director(s) will make every effort to help get each team properly flighted by the tournament to make sure all of the teams have the best experience possible.

Team Organization

It is recommended that each team appoint a team administrator. The team administrator will need to:

  • Collect four medical release forms per player, making sure the forms are completely filled out, are dated and have a wet signature in blue or red ink. The team administrator will keep one set, give one set to the Post-Season Tournament Director(s), and give the other two sets to coaches;
  • Collect 2 copies of the birth certificate or other proof of age (passport) for each player; Collect signed copy of Kids Zone Pledge from each family;
  • Obtain one head shot photographs of each player and coach, 1” by 1”, and laminate them on AYSO ID cards signed by the Regional Commissioner;
  • Collect all pertinent information from players and parents to compare with the team roster (address, phone numbers, including cell phone, e-mail etc) and update the roster information and provide a copy of the information to each family;
  • Collect registration, uniform and tournament fees (TBA by Tournament Director(s)) by having parents deposit their money into the Tournament Team’s Account; and
  • Provide a list of referees that are planning to support the team during the Post- Season to the Referee Administrator at, and the Post- Season Tournament Director(s).

Team Expectations

At the first team meeting the following needs to be discussed with the parents and players:

  • Notify parents that they are required to volunteer at the Beverly Hills Sportsmanship Cup, end of December. Team coach or administrator is responsible for signing up the team’s volunteers and their scheduling. Have each parent sign the Tournament Team Parents and Players Contract, and return one copy to the head coach and a second copy to the Post-Season Tournament Director(s);
  • Stress the fact there is a long-term commitment; most teams will play well into the spring or until the summer;
  • Discuss the team’s expectations in regard to practices;
  • Discuss that parents are expected to pay for tournament, travel, field, etc. fees;
  • Encourage parents to upgrade their referee certification and to take Post- Season referee training when offered. Tournament teams will directly benefit from bringing a referee team to a tournament. Many tournaments prefer complete referee teams to come along (3 referees completing 3 games each), rather than banking the referee deposits. Many tournaments are now rejecting applications if a team does not provide certified referees. Other tournaments may not accept teams that come from regions that did not supply referees in the past; this is not always explicitly stated. It is important for each team to do its utmost to bring qualified referees to each tournament. There is higher likelihood of admission to a tournament if a team brings a complete set of referees.


There is a one-time uniform fee for each tournament team player, which is around $125.00, and a one-time regional registration fee set each year by the Regional Commissioner. (The registration fee covers the out-of-pocket costs incurred by Region 76 to administer the tournament teams program, which under AYSO National Guidelines may not be borne by general funds of the Region.) All teams are responsible for all tournament fees and referee deposits for all tournaments, including the tournaments that we will apply to as a region: Thanksgiving tournament, Beverly Hills Sportsmanship Cup (no referee deposit required) and the Riverside Locomotion tournament as well as other tournaments. Tournament team players share the full cost of participating in these Post- Season tournaments including the cost of travel, hotel, meals, and other incidentals.

All tournament team related fees are now handled online. Let your parents know how this online payment system works:

  • Go here: and log in. Once you have logged in, click on My Account, and then Family Profile. Go to “Team Assignments” and click on the team to which your player is assigned. You will then be taken to a simple form to fill in to provide the amount, your credit card details and so on. The form will tell you how much you have previously paid us.
  • All fees left over in the Tournament Team account will be accounted for. Each family will be given the option of being refunded their proportionate share of the remaining funds as determined by the Post-Season Tournament Director(s), or donating their proportionate share of the funds to Region 76. No refunds of amounts lower than $25 will be made.


Uniforms are ordered by the Region.

The uniforms for all teams will be the same pattern, each jersey in each division having a unique number. This will facilitate players moving between teams. There will be additional uniforms available to each team in case of new players or other changes later on in the season.

It is optional for a team to order bags, jackets and other team items. Each family and team orders these individually. The region’s color scheme (orange/black/white) and logo should be adhered to.

Tournament Applications

Every tournament team must follow these procedures:

  • You may not enter a team in a tournament without first notifying our Post-Season Tournament Director(s). E-mail to
  • The Tournament Team costs vary greatly but generally, for each tournament, the costs are between $300.00 - $600.00 as a fee and a refundable referee deposit of between $200.00 - $300.00.
  • All rosters must be signed by the Regional Commissioner or one of their designees, if the Commissioner is unavailable. Most tournaments require that players be listed in order of uniform number. It is recommended to have a few rosters signed at the same time. However any roster changes (other than an absent player) need to be signed by the Regional Commissioner, or his or her designee.
  • All tournaments must be paid for by a Region check, issued by our Treasurer, and the funds for payment must be deposited online before we will issue a check. Note that this process can take about two weeks as we also have day time jobs and the check requires two signatures. So, please apply as early as possible and give us some time to write the Regional check.
  • If any player is unable to afford the cost of participation in a tournament, please let us know and we will determine if funds are available to subsidize participation. Unfortunately, we are prohibited from using general Region funds but we intend to apply a portion of the registration fee for this purpose. For full or partial scholarship requests, the applicant is required to contact the Regional Commissioner and/or the Registrar.
  • Except for the Thanksgiving Turkey Tournaments, the Beverly Hills Sportsmanship Cup, the Riverside Locomotion Tournament, and some other tournaments we apply to as a region, the teams need to apply to all other tournaments on an individual basis. Information about tournaments can be found on the National website. The Post-Season Tournament Director(s) will also notify the teams of additional tournaments as they become available.
  • Please follow this procedure when applying to tournaments (other than those that we apply to as a Region): As soon as a coach knows they wish to attend a tournament, they should send a check request to the Registrar. Coaches will need to get Tournament Applications, team rosters, etc., and submit them to the Post Season Director for review. After review, either the Post Season Director will sign them on behalf of the Regional Commissioner (if so authorized) or send them on to the Registrar who will sign them (she’s been authorized by the Regional Commissioner) and then mail them off with the check.


For all tournaments, teams are responsible for providing their own referees and they must provide their names and other information at the time of application to a tournament. If a team does not have any referees, the team may be barred from applying to a tournament and if the referees fail to fulfill their assignments, they will lose their referee deposit. Whenever a tournament team is accepted into a tournament, the team must finalize the referees by contacting the referee(s) and notifying our Referee Administrator by e-mail at

Referee Deposits

Tournaments will refund the referee deposit to a team if referees are supplied. The Region will receive a check and will credit each team that receives a referee refund.


We expect coaches, assistant coaches, parents and players to remember that they represent our Region and to conduct themselves appropriately. In particular, everyone is required to cooperate with tournament officials and referees and to make sideline comments that are positive, instructional (in the case of coaches only) and encouraging.

If a player is ejected from a game, any suspensions or sanctions shall be in accordance with the Laws of the Game, AYSO Rules and Regulations, and Tournament Rules. If the action was egregious, the Regional Commissioner, Post Season Director, or other designated Regional official may impose additional sanctions.

If a coach or parent is ejected from a game, the coach or parent will be suspended from participating or attending the next scheduled tournament. The Regional Commissioner, Post Season Director, or other designated Regional official may consider extenuating circumstance to either reduce or increase this sanction.

Practice Fields and Scrimmage Games

Teams may contact the Post-Season Director, who will work with the Field Allocation Director, for practice time field space availability. After the city permit ends, the region will try to secure field space at local parks and schools. This field space will be paid by using funds from the Registration Fee paid by the families of Post-Season tournament players. Scrimmage games can be arranged with the surrounding regions by contacting the region (e.g.: Santa Monica, Culver City, Pacific Palisades, West LA, Hollywood/Wilshire).

Player Transactions

Please refer to Rules Governing Selection of Coaches, Teams and Players for Post- Season Play for information about player transactions between tournament teams.


Please refer to the memorandum on fundraising rules and guidelines for information on team fundraising, which can be found on our website at

Tournament Withdrawals and Forfeits

If for any reason a Team does not have enough players to play in a Tournament, the coach shall make a timely withdrawal so that other teams can compete. This should occur at least seven (7) days before the Tournament and must be communicated in writing and by email to the Post-Season Tournament Director(s). Region 76 Teams do not forfeit unless the safety of the players is in real danger.

Player Transactions

If for some reason a team loses players or is short of players for a particular tournament, then it can borrow players from the other team provided that the coach of the lending team and the Post-Season Division Director(s) are consulted prior to the borrowing of the players.

If the two teams want to go to the same tournament and there are not enough players to field two teams, then no team has priority, and one of two procedures will be followed: (a) additional players will be called upon; these names can come from the original coaches’ ballots (b) a single team with a large number of players will participate with the understanding that some players (never the same player twice) will sit out one game; for example if there are 18 players on the team, then 12 players will sit out one game each (with 20 players, each player sits out exactly one game in a typical 4- game tournament), assuming (i) a roster size of 15, AND (ii) the tournament organizer’s approval of different rosters/line-ups for each game. Some tournaments allow teams to keep more than 15 on the roster with a different line-up for each game; some do not. If they do, the second procedure will allow all of the players to go as one team and have fun at the tournament, with minimal heartbreak. If there are more than 20 players (U-16 and U-18), it should be easy to come up with 4 additional players to field two teams. With 20 players or less, procedure (b) is easily applied. However, if a tournament does not allow the implementation of the second procedure, then some players will be left off the roster for that tournament, with the promise to guarantee them spots in the roster in the next available tournament, so that the players are rotated in successive tournaments.

To facilitate movement between teams, whether by permanent transfer or by loan for a specific tournament, the Region will continue to follow the practice of recent years of having the same uniform for all tournament teams (uniform styles may be different for boys and girls) and of having a unique number for every player within a particular division. For example, TEAM A might be given jerseys between 1 and 15 and TEAM B would receive jerseys in the same style numbered 16 to 30. For 10U, it would be 1-13, and then 14-26.

Post-Season Tournament Accounting

Our Region has a Post-Season tournament team accounting system which MUST be used for the following transactions 1) purchase of uniforms, 2) entry fees and referee fees for tournaments; and 3) all major expenditures by a team that require to be funded ahead of time. As a general rule, coaches and team administrators may not collect funds in advance for tournament team expenditures – funds for these expenses must be paid into our account and drawn against properly detailed and supported requests. The Region keeps these funds segregated from its general funds. It is intended that each team be financially self sufficient. If there is a negative balance in the team’s account a regional check will not be issued absent the Regional Commissioner’s Approval.

More detailed guidelines on tournament expenses are at The tournament team expenses guidelines will be revised to conform to changes made in these guidelines and in the event of any conflict between the two, these guidelines will take precedence.

Post-Season play can be relatively expensive so Region 76 wants to help those worthy players whose parents face verifiable economic challenges and need financial assistance. For these reasons and for accounting economics it is expected that each team will be asked to keep a $600.00 cushion in their team account (to be used in emergency situation by the team to enter a tournament for instance at a time when it has earned the refund of a one or more referee deposits from earlier tournaments but these have not yet been returned).

PLEASE NOTE that failure to adhere to any of above mentioned rules may result in coach be terminated or even in disbanding of the team.

Questions about these guidelines may be addressed to our Post-Season Tournament Director(s).