Code of Conduct

AYSO Code Of Conduct

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This contains expectations for ALL parents whose children take part in our program.

Dear Parents, Coaches and Upper Division Players:

Following is AYSO Region 76's Code of Conduct. Every parent, coach and U19 and U16 player must read and sign this form before the first game of the season. Unfortunately, parental and coaching misbehavior and player dissent can be a problem in youth sports. It has been shown that having a code of conduct helps reduce this problem. If you do not comply with the code, we may bar you from attending games and, in an extreme case, we can remove your child from the program, even if your behavior is not your child's fault.

Our only goal is to provide children with a good and safe experience. We sincerely hope that parents and coaches will have just as good a time and will accept the league for what it is - a chance for our children to run around and play a game.

The referees and coaches are all volunteers who give their time for free. Their knowledge and skill will vary. Some referees will be teenagers who perform community service and, at the same time, learn valuable skills. Some coaches are completely new to the game but have agreed to help out by coaching - we teach them but you must be patient as they gain knowledge and experience. Several division directors are new, and will need much cooperation since it is their first year running a league.

Sports gives children the chance to learn teamwork, fair play, perseverance, self-confidence and determination. Competition is healthy and instructive. However, a win-at-all-cost attitude harms children. Sports should be about effort, improving skills and developing the courage to be able to make and recover from mistakes. The winning team is not always the one that scores more goals.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


  • I will make a point of complimenting the officials for their efforts. I recognize that they are all volunteers doing the best they can to ensure that the game is played fairly and safely, and that the children are having a good time.
  • I will stand at least ten feet from the sideline so I will not endanger the safety of the players or the sideline referee.
  • I will stay on the spectator's side of the field at all times before, during and after the games. Only coaches, players and refs are allowed on the players' side of the field.
  • I will not use profanity at any time. I will support the children, the referees, and coaches in their efforts.


__________________, 2021


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Ji Lee, Regional Commissioner
AYSO Region 76, Beverly Hills, CA