Volunteer Point Program

The purpose of the Volunteer Point Program is to help ensure that AYSO Region 76 recruits, trains, certifies and fields enough volunteer referees to officiate at our Regional games.

All 9U, 10U, 12U and 14U teams in the Core program that reach their Volunteer Point total will earn a spot in the Knock-Out Round of the play-offs.

The first two weekends of December will be reserved for the Knock-Out Rounds of the play-offs. In divisions in which more than 16 teams have reached their Volunteer Point total, there may be play-in games during the week prior to the first weekend in December.

In the event of circumstances beyond the control of Region 76, including but not limited to the loss of field space, the Board will have the authority to choose a Knock-Out Round format of play that includes placing teams that reached their Volunteer Point total in flights based on the outcome of Pool Play-offs.

To make the Knock-Out Round of Play-offs, teams will need to earn, by division, the following:

14U - 14 Points

12U - 12 Points

10U - 10 Points

9U - 10 Points

Volunteers may earn Volunteer Points by participating in the following:

  • Refereeing Games (1 Point per game for AR, 2 Points per game for CR)
    • NOTE: Refereeing 8U games does not earn volunteer points
  • Anything else the Regional Board determines as qualifying for Volunteer Points.

To qualify for the Knock-Out Round of Play-offs in the Core Program Regular Season in 9U, 10U, 12U and 14U, a team must reach its Volunteer Point Total through the efforts of the Team’s parents, players, close relatives of the player’s family* and coaches.

Teams that qualify for the Knock-Out Rounds of play-offs may be asked to cover at least one Referee slot per Knock-Out Round of play-offs that the team participates in.

Volunteers may only contribute their Volunteer Points to Teams on which they have a child or close relative playing.

Individual Volunteers may only contribute a total of 7 points per team.

Extra Teams are obligated to volunteer in the Core Program during the Regular Season by Refereeing 4 slots per Family unit.* Each team is obligated to cover at least Referee slots in the Core Program (9U - 14U). This is in addition to covering Referee slots of Extra Games as determined by the Extra Program Coordinator.

*Close Relative = Brother, sister, grandparent, cousin, niece, nephew.

What if I cannot make it for a scheduled Referee assignment?

We understand that “things happen”.  We do ask you to try and contact us at refscheduler@ayso76.org as soon as possible. Please note that our chances of finding a referee at the last minute are slim, so if you cannot show up you will likely not be replaced. Also note: The referee administrator reserves the right to issue negative points in cases where the system is clearly being abused.

Signing Up for Games and Getting Trained.

For referees needing training, please email refereescheduler@ayso76.org for upcoming dates for referee clinics. Certified Referees may sign up for games by logging into their AYSO Online account, and selecting the "Self-Scheduler" link in the Referees section.

No one except the AYSO Region 76 Commissioner or Referee Administrator, or Assistant Regional Commissioner may grant an exception to these guidelines.

These guidelines may be revised as necessary by the AYSO Region 76 Commissioner, Assistant Regional Commissioner, or Referee Administrator.

Questions or comments concerning this program should be addressed to the Region 76 Referee Administrator.