Become a Coach

Region 76 has always encouraged coaches, whether head coaches or assistant coaches, to attend clinics to improve their skills as coaches. Our goal is for every coach to have received training appropriate to the division in which they coach and also certain universal training applicable to all coaches. The training requirements are mandatory, as is compliance with as is compliance with AYSO's Safe Haven and CDC Concussion Awareness program. These requirements apply to both head and assistant coaches.

Approval to Coach

All coach volunteers must be aporoved by our Regional Board of Directors before they are assigned a team. Region 76 selects and assigns coaches for the best fit with teams we are forming and for the benefit of each Division and the Region as a whole. Please contact your Division Director if you have any questions.

Age appropriate coach certification

All coaches must be certified in the age division they will be coaching. A higher age division coach certification will not allow you to coach a lower age division. This is achieved by taking a Coach Course. You may enroll in a coach course by following the directions below.

  • Frequency: Once per Age Division
  • 6U-12U Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Youth Trainers must take the appropriate 6U Coach Course to 12U Coach Course.
  • 14U Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Youth Trainers must take the Intermediate Coach Course.
    • Prerequisite: 12U Coach Certified for at least one Season.
  • 16U-19U Coaches and Assistant Coaches must take the Advanced Coach Course.
    • Prerequisite: Intermediate Coach Certified for at least one Season.
  • In the case of EXTRA Coaches and Assistant Coaches, it is recommended that they be certified one level above the age appropriate certification level. For instance, if you are coaching a 12U Extra team, the Coach and Assistant Coach are recommended to be certified at the Intermediate Coach Level.

Steps to Become A Coach

To volunteer as a Coach please contact your Division Director and indicate your interest. Your Division Director will guide you through the process of becoming certified. The following steps must be completed by all Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches:

  1. Register as a Volunteer Coach
  2. Complete the Coach Certification Course (For each Division in which you will be coaching)
  3. Complete the Safe Haven Online Course
  4. Complete the CDC Concussion Awareness Online Course
  5. Complete the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Online Course
  6. Complete the SafeSport Online Course
  7. Complete LiveScan Fingerprinting
  8. Complete Background Check (Only after receiving confirmation that you may proceed)