Register as a Volunteer

  1. Log in to InLeague ( and click on "Volunteer Registration" in the navigation bar to the left.
  2. Click on the green button for the current registration season.
  3. If your contact information is shown, be sure that all details are shown correctly. If not, contact the Region 76 Registrar. If your contact information is not already filled out, please fill out your contact information. Click on "Confirm Details" to proceed.
  4. Select one or more roles you would like to volunteer for in the current season. In order to be granted access to the referee functions in InLeague you MUST select "Referee". Click on "Submit Volunteer Preferences".
  5. Check the boxes in the agreement shown and type your name in the boxes at the bottom. Click "I Agree".
    1. If "Background Check Status" on this page says
      Please complete your Sterling Volunteers background check. You may use the link you
      received via email or the one on this page. It is unique to your account.
      Click on the link displayed to complete the background check process.
    2. If the Status window says
      Your volunteer application for Fall 2022 is pending review by the league. If it is
      approved, you will receive an email with a link to Sterling Volunteers background
      check. The link will also be available here. Please complete it as soon as possible.
      You should notify your Division Director as soon as possible that you are awaiting permission to proceed with the background check. Once you have received confirmation that you may proceed with your background check, return to InLeague ( and click on "Family Profile". Next to your name, under "AYSO Registration", click on the link "Begin Background Check".
  6. IMPORTANT: Do not wait for a completed background check to do your certifications. While waiting for the background check to be completed, please proceed to Step 3 and complete the remaining steps.