Game Schedules / Division Standings

This page has links to the most up to date Game Schedules and Division Standings for each Division.

Game Schedules

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Division Standings

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B10U G10U
B12U G12U
B14U G14U
B16U G16U
B19U G19U

Schedule Notes

The Fall season typically begins for most divisions on the weekend after Labor Day. Schedules will likely not be posted until the week just before the season is scheduled to begin.

  • Schedules for the Upper Divisions are usually published after the Regular Core Season.
  • We will not publish team game schedules until just after Labor Day. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that the teams won't be formed until the fourth week of August, which is when the schedulers will learn how many teams there are in each division.

No one has a vested interest in these schedules. Game times and locations may change with little notice. We reserve the right to make scheduling changes for the benefit of the program as a whole. Also, as all-powerful as we like to think ourselves, we do not control the weather or the people who grant and pull our field permits.

In the event of problems with weather, the first place to look is our rainout page. There is a link on our home page but you can also get there directly by CLICKING HERE.

It is a massive undertaking to schedule these games. Over 1,000 games are on the schedule. Every effort is made to avoid mistakes - but inevitably, they can occur. Please be polite when you let us know. And think long and hard before you ask for a change. Every change usually involves several other teams.

If you have any questions or concerns about the game schedules, please contact Please allow at 72 hours for a response.

Thank you.