Sportsmanship Cup Game Schedules

Sportsmanship Cup Game Schedules 2019

The game schedules for the Sportsmanship Cup have been posted! Schedules are accessible via the links below. Changes will only be made to correct clear errors, such as insufficient time between games (the standard is that each team has a minimum of three hours between the start time of the first and second game of the day) or a team has too many or too few games scheduled (every team should have four games). We will also make changes if a team unexpectedly drops out. Email questions about the schedule to Michael Karlin at We will not respond to requests for changes that do not meet these standards.

Teams, please let our referee scheduling team know right away if there are any changes in your referees. They can be reached at

Click on the Division name on this table to take you to the schedule for that Division.



B14U G14U
B12U G12U
B10U G10U

Cup Schedule Notes

  • No one has a vested interest in the schedule. We reserve the right to make changes in the interests of the tournament as a whole, and we may do so. Please check the schedules regularly in case we have to make adjustments. Nevertheless, please do not ask us to make changes. If you think you see a clear error (a team scheduled for more or less than four games, a team playing without a long enough break - minimum of three hours between start times), please send an email to our scheduler, Michael Karlin.
  • In any division where there is an odd number of teams, each day there will be at least one team playing a first game against another playing its second.
  • Quite a few teams will be from Region 76. Don’t be surprised if you play two games against Region 76 teams. This may be unavoidable. You won't play the same team twice.
  • Game lengths are as follows: U14 - 60 minutes; U12 - 50 minutes; U10 - 50 minutes.
  • By tradition at the Cup, you will most likely play at more than one venue, although we try to maximize South LA teams playing on their home field.