Scoring Guidelines

Guidelines for Referees and Field Monitors

Referees: You will be asked to score teams on conduct of Players (50 points), Coaches (25 points) and Spectators (25 points). Here are the specific guidelines on the key issues:



What We Are Looking For

Players uniforms/ appearance neat; tidy; clean, shirts generally tucked in at all times, no jewelry, watches, hard hair ornaments; GK uniform not in conflict and change available if in conflict with other team.
Players cooperation with officials immediate response to signals; polite and pleasant; absence of complaint or dissent; thanks referees at the end of the game; no foul language addressed to referee; substitutes sit at center, preferably wearing jacket or sweatshirt; substituted players report to A/R promptly and exit promptly at quarters.
Players courtesy to opponents clean play; applauds the other team at the end of the game; polite to the other team; no foul language addressed to other team or its supporters.
Players courtesy to own team no foul language or disagreement addressed to coach, teammates, spectators or self.
Coaches cooperation with officials accepts and supports referee calls, especially questionable ones; helps officials with controlling the game and the sidelines; team is ready to play so that time is not lost at beginning of each half; does not gather players at sideline at quarter breaks; substitutes ready at quarters.
Coaches line-up cards properly completed player number order, including absent players; captains designated; goalkeepers and substitutions not designated (this should be marked by the A/R)
Coaches positive coaching and encouragement positive, i.e., applauds good plays and constructive comments about play; appropriate tone of voice and body language - very important: the players often don’t understand but they hear the tone; no negative comments or questioning of why players did something wrong
Spectators cooperation with officials absence of dissent and active support for referees, absence of calls for red/yellow cards
Spectators remaining 2 yards off the line A/R does not have to ask for this; spectators stand outside the 18 yard lines
Spectators encouragement without coaching don’t coach - be positive or be quiet; appropriate tone of voice and body language - cheer, don’t scream; applaud good plays by both teams; no negative or disruptive comments to opposing players

Specific guidelines on scoring:

Players can receive up to 50 points; Coaches up to 25 points; Spectators up to 25 points.

Very low scores are for abnormally poor compliance; very high scores are for outstanding conduct. Don't blindly hand out 50s or 25s.

Do not lower a category score solely on account of a red or yellow card. Yellow and red cards result in automatic 10 and 50 point deductions, respectively, and will be dealt with by tournament officials.

In addition, field directors have 5 discretionary points that they may deduct based on conduct at check-in and at other times before and after games.

A copy of these guidelines has been provided to every coach and they will be explained at first check-in.