Referee Information

Information for Teams About Refereeing at the Cup


Referee "Goodies"

  • Please stop by La Cienega Park or Kenneth Hahn Park anytime during the tournament to pick up your gifts for participating in the tournament. We will also be providing lunch for all referees. At La Cienega Park, you will receive a voucher for Mexican food, and at all other fields Pizza will be delivered around lunchtime.

  • Check In

    Please make sure to arrive no later than 20 minutes before your scheduled assignment. There will be a check-in station at each field and we ask that you sign in to ensure your team receives proper credit toward their referee refund. Although we assigned referee slots to individual referees, feel free to adjust your team's assignments among the referees on your teams as you wish. Just make sure that you initial the sign-in sheets on the games You are doing (even if the named referee is someone else on your referee team) so we can give your team the proper credit.

  • Game Format

    In order to save time and ensure that all games start as scheduled, there will be no coin flips to start the game. The home team will pick the direction and the visiting team will kick off to start the first half. To start the second half, after reversing direction, the home team will kick off. The home team is listed first on the game schedule.

    For U10, we will play 25 minute halves, U12 will play 25 minute halves, and U14 will play 30 minute halves. However, no matter when you start the game, please be sure to end the games on time...and absolutely no later than 5 minutes before the start of the next game... even if you have to shorten your game. We really must make sure to stay on schedule since some of our fields do not have lights.

  • Player Development Iniatives (PDI)

    For our tournament the following PDIs will be observed:

    • Build Out Lines (10U) - Will have build out lines on our fields that will either be actual lines on the field or represented with cones, depending on the field location

    • Heading - As we only have a 12U divison and do not have a separate division for 11U, there will be no heading in 12U and 10U.

    • Punting - no punting in 10U

  • Scoring

    The Sportsmanship Cup is scored based on the behavior of the coaches, players, and spectators. After each game, you will be asked to fill out a scoring form for each team. Forms are printed on the back of each lineup card. Each team starts with 100 points and receives deductions based on the opinion of the referee team in several categories. The Scoring Guidelines provide more detail. In addition, each Referee team will award a Sportsmanship Pin to one player on each team. This award is meant to highlight a player that the Referee team deemed is deserving of special recognition for sportsmanship and behavior during the game.

  • The referee schedules will be posted online approximately 3 days after the games schedules are posted...hopefully on Wednesday evening, Dec 13th. Emails will also be sent to each referee confirming the assignment.

Please refer to the Sportsmanship Cup Rules more detailed information about the tournament.

Referee Submission Guidelines


Please read the following, which supersedes any previous communication from us.

  • Referee teams must be submitted ONLINE on the Cup website NO LATER than Tuesday, December 6th. ONLINE submissions are the ONLY manner in which referees can be submitted to the tournament. To guarantee a full referee refund, a team of 3 referees qualified to referee in your team’s age division including at least one CR must be submitted by this deadline. Log in through the Team Status Page to submit your referees.

  • To earn a full refund, a total of 9 assignments (3 referees for 3 games) is expected by each referee team. In some cases, tournament scheduling challenges result in a team being assigned fewer than 9 assignments. As long as a complete and qualified team is submitted online by the deadline, your team will receive the full refund even if you are assigned fewer than 9 assignments…provided, of course, that you complete each of the assignments that are assigned to your referee team.

  • Partial, prorated refunds will be provided for teams that have fewer than 3 referees. However, the referees still must be submitted ONLINE by the December 6th deadline to qualify for the proper prorated refunds.

  • For referees that are submitted after the December 6th deadline, we will make every effort to assign your referee team to games. However, your refund will be prorated based on the number of assignments you receive, with NO GUARANTEE that you will receive any assignments at all. The only way to ensure a full refund is to submit a complete and qualified team by the December 6th deadline.

  • Feel free to submit as many referees as you wish. We will allocate the 9 assignments required among all the referees submitted.


  • QUESTIONS ABOUT REFEREEING?: Send an email to our Cup Referee Scheduling Team at

  • ALL OTHER QUESTIONS: Send an email to


All REGION 76 TEAMS are required to follow the following procedures for Sportsmanship Cup referees. Any team that does not complete each of their referee assignments or does not follow the process defined below WILL NOT BE GRANTED REGIONAL APPROVAL FOR PARTICIPATION IN POST SEASON TOURNAMENTS including, but not limited to, RIVERSIDE LOCOMOTION. SO PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY!!!

  • Please SUBMIT YOUR REFEREE NAMES ON THE TEAM STATUS PAGE for ALL referees whose children are participating in the tournament. Please make sure to use the referee's email address on the form (not the coach's email address, for example). This must be done no later than TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6th.

  • A MINIMUM of 3 referees qualified to referee in your team's age division including at least one CR must be submitted by this deadline. And if you have more than 3 referees, please submit ALL OF THEM. This will mean fewer assignments for each referee as we will allocate the teams assignments to the available list of referees for the team.

  • Coaches must CONFIRM REFEREE AVAILABILITY prior to submitting a referee as part of their team. Only submit referees that you already have confirmed will be available during the Cup weekend.

  • If a referee is submitted as part of more than one team, they will be ASSIGNED AS PART OF BOTH TEAMS. This means the referee could RECEIVE UP TO 8 ASSIGNMENTS DURING THE WEEKEND. So make sure to check with your referee and confirm that they are only SUBMITTED AS PART OF ONE TEAM. If a referee has more than one child playing in the tournament, coordinate with the referee to ensure they are only submitted as part of the team with which they want their assignments coordinated.

  • Only enter ACTUAL REFEREES as part of your submission who you expect to complete the referee assignments. DO NOT ENTER PLACEHOLDERS, or names of referees that will not participate just to reach the submission requirement of three referees. The names of referees submitted WILL BE USED to schedule games and the use of "placeholders" will only serve to confuse the referees named, make the scheduling process more difficult, and increase that chances that one of your assignments is not filled, resulting in the EXCLUSION OF YOUR TEAM FROM PARTICIPATING IN FUTURE TOURNAMENTS.

  • Each referee may be asked to complete UP TO 4 ASSIGNMENTS over the course of the weekend. Typically, the majority of Region 76 referees are assigned fewer than 4, but in some cases 4 will be required.

  • Each referee may be asked to MISS ALL OR PART OF ONE GAME INVOLVING THEIR CHILD. Obviously, we will minimize this to the extent possible but the logistics of this tournament due to the distance between the fields will make this a requirement in some cases. For those families that have a CHILD PARTICIPATING ON MORE THAN ONE TEAM, THIS WILL BE EVEN MORE LIKELY since scheduling around the games of two different teams is typically not possible.

  • While assignments are given to individual referees in our system, each assignment is still the responsibility of the team. THEREFORE, IF A REFEREE ON YOUR TEAM REJECTS ONE OR MORE OF THEIR ASSIGNMENTS, THE TEAM COACH WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINDING ANOTHER REFEREE TO FILL THE SPOT. Please make sure your referees know this. We have had serious issues in the past with Region 76 referees simply refusing to do their referee assignments since as the hosts, we do not charge a referee deposit for our own teams. In those situations, THE AFFECTED TEAMS WERE NOT APPROVED FOR RIVERSIDE LOCOMOTION AND DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN THAT TOURNAMENT. If the individual volunteer referee understands that the team will still need to fill the spot, and understands the consequences of simply rejecting the assignment, the probability of a cancellation will be greatly reduced.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please direct any questions regarding Sportsmanship Cup referees to Please direct any non-referee questions to Michael Karlin, Webmaster/Scheduler, and Cindy and Mark Dubin, Tournament Directors, at