Sportsmanship Cup Fields

This is a list of the fields at which Beverly Hills Sportsmanship Cup 2022 games will be played

Please click on the sidebar icon in the map below to view a responsive list of all fields.



    (Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Vista School, Horace Mann School), no Tents, no Food, no Liquids (except for water). No dogs (or other pets), may be brought onto the field. These are the rules of the schools and the park – please follow them, as our permits depend on your cooperation.

    At Beverly Vista, no parents or other spectators between the two fields. Parents and spectators should be on the south side of the south field and the north side of the north field. At Beverly Hills High School, parents and other spectators should sit in the stands . Only players and coaches should be on the field itself.

    SPECIAL ACCESS AT GATE 11: At Beverly Hills High School, please enter the field at Gate 11. It is the gate between two tennis courts right on Moreno Drive (where Moreno intersects with Spalding Drive; just north of Olympic). Restrooms will be available which are located on the north west side of the field.

    Download a Map of Beverly Hills High School