Team Administrators

Team Administrator Duties

  • Make a team roster that includes phone numbers and email addresses of the players and distribute to the parents.
  • Create a snack schedule (usually this is in alphabetical order) and distribute to the parents. Your snacks should include water for half-time, and a drink and snack for after the game. Be sure to bring ice in case of injury. You may want to call the appointed parent each week to remind them. If a parent can not make their snack week, it is their responsibility to switch with another parent.
  • Take candid pictures for the yearbook.
  • Organize your team for picture day, informing them of where and when to meet. Order forms will be available on our website this year. You do NOT need to fill out anything if you are just getting the basic package. Due to the sheer volume of players this year, it is very important that your entire team is there on time. We regret we are unable to wait for late arrivals. Please bring a completed roster that includes uniform numbers.
  • If your team decides they want sweatshirts, you will need to collect the money (I suggest you do this before you order them) order and distribute them. The team should decide on the color and some type of logo for their team. We suggest SoccerOne. Contact Manny at
  • Organize a party at the end of the year. You will also be distributing trophies and yearbooks at this party. If the team decides to buy the coach a gift, you will collect the money and purchase the agreed upon gift.

Feel free to ask the other parents for help. It’s a job that can be shared!

Become A Team Administrator

To volunteer as a Team Administrator, please contact your team coaches and indicate your interest. While they will guide you through the process of becoming certified, please follow the steps below to become certified as a Team Administrator.

All team administrator volunteers must complete the following steps,
in the order which they are listed:

  • Submit Volunteer Application at InLeague ( and Sterling Volunteers:
    1. Check your volunteer registration status at InLeague (
    2. Log in and navigate to the "Player and Volunteer Registration" page.
    3. Look at the "MY2019 AYSO Membership" column. Your status will either be "Pending", "Complete", or "Incomplete".
    4. If your status is "Pending" or "Complete", skip to step 6 below.
    5. If your status is "Incomplete", click the red "CLICK TO RESUME" button. You will need to add your DOB and last 4 of the SSN to proceed with registration. During this step, you will also e-sign your volunteer registration.
    6. Make sure your name (must use your legal name), address, DOB, and last 4 of the SSN are all correct. If your address is incorrect, you can make the correction yourself. If name, DOB, or SSN are incorrect, contact before proceeding further with the registration process.
    7. The next step is to wait to hear back from us. Depending on your volunteer role and history, you will either receive an invitation directly from Sterling Volunteers to do your background check, or you will hear first from Region 76 administrators to confirm you’re still interested in your chosen volunteer role and willing and able to do the required training.
    8. You will need to create an account on the Sterling Volunteers account separate from your AYSO account.
    9. Complete the application process with Sterling Volunteers and digitally sign the application form at the end of the process.
  • Complete the Safe Haven Course (online):
    1. Go to and log in to your profile you created using the same credentials as you did at InLeague.
    2. Click on "My Courses"
    3. Open and complete the "AYSO's Safe Haven" course.