2023 Extra Tryout Information

Tryout Date

Tryouts will take place according to the schedule below.

Tryout Location

Tryouts will be held at Beverly Vista Middle School.

Parents and spectators will not be permitted on the field.

Player Selection

Please visit our Player Selection Page for more information about the tryout process and how players are selected to be on an EXTRA team.


Birth Year

Tryout Date

Tryout Time

B11X 2013 4/24/2023 5:15pm
G11X 2013 4/25/2023 5:15pm
G12X 2012 4/25/2023 5:15pm
B10X 2014 4/26/2023 5:15pm
G10X 2014 4/26/2023 5:15pm
G13X 2011 4/28/2023 5:15pm
G14X 2010 4/28/2023 5:15pm
B13X 2011 5/1/2023 5:15pm
B14X 2010 5/1/2023 5:15pm
B12X 2012 5/3/2023 5:15pm

Above are the currently scheduled Extra Tryouts. Each tryout session will end approximately 1 hour after the scheduled start time. Please be patient during drop off and pick up as it may take us additional time to ensure that all of our players enter and exit the field safely. Please check this page as it will be updated as new tryouts are scheduled or if any changes must be made to the schedule. Call-backs may be scheduled as needed. If your player wishes to try out for Extra, please do the following:

  1. Make sure you arrive at the field 15 minutes before the scheduled check-in time.
  2. Make sure your player is dressed in soccer attire:
    1. A white jersey or white t-shirt
    2. Shin guards
    3. Cleats
  3. Bring the appropriate size ball for their age.
  4. Make sure your player has water to drink.
  5. Bring the medical release form signed by you in BLUE OR RED INK. YOU MUST FILL OUT THE FORM LEGIBLY AND COMPLETELY, PLEASE.
  6. Please ensure the email address on the medical release is correct and legible as notifications will be sent to that address.

No tryouts will be allowed without a signed medical release form or shin guards.

Parents and spectators will not be permitted on the field.

Extra Teams are formed in single year Divisions through an open tryout process.

  • 10U teams will be playing 7 v 7 using a size 4 ball
  • 11U and 12U teams will be playing 9 v 9 using a size 4 ball
  • 13U and 14U teams will be playing 11 v 11 using a size 5 ball