Player Selection

Player Selection and Tryouts

Player Selection

  1. Players will be selected after participation in a series of tryouts. Tryouts will be conducted over several weeks starting in April. Additional tryouts may be held in the summer for players who were unavailable for the first round of tryouts. Tryouts will be competitive and should be viewed by parents as being the same as club soccer tryouts. There are likely to be a series of cuts through which the number of players trying out for a particular team is reduced in several stages until the final roster is determined.
  2. Tryouts will consist of game like situations and will be organized by professional trainers who are qualified to work with AYSO.
  3. Coaches will assist in tryouts and player selection but will not have the final say about player selections for Extra teams.
  4. Upon completion of the tryouts the Region 76 Extra selection group will select the Extra teams.
  5. Players who are not selected will of course have the option of participating in the AYSO core program and will be encouraged to do so. The core program will still provide post season play opportunities with all star and tournament teams. Parents are encouraged to remain positive with their kids, even if they don’t get selected for Extra.


There will be one Extra team per age group per gender for the upcoming season. This number may increase in future seasons.

# of Players per Team:

  • 10U - 10 players per team
  • 11U - 12 players per team
  • 12U - 12 players per team
  • 13U - 15 players per team
  • 14U - 15 players per team


Each team may have up to 3 alternates. This will be decided on a team by team basis. See following paragraph.

Alternates selected by Extra teams in each age division will be placed on teams in the AYSO core program. They will play games and practice with their core teams. They will play on their Extra team when and if the coach of the Extra team decides it is necessary.

Alternates are encouraged to attend Extra practices if possible, but they must give priority to core team practices. An alternate player who does not have a satisfactory attendance record for his or her core team may have alternate status revoked.

A player may choose not to participate in Extra as an alternate and can just participate in the core program if he or she so chooses.


A “Move-up” in AYSO occurs when a player who is age eligible for a division is given permission by Region 76 to play “up” a division with older children. This typically occurs when a child with a birthday that occurs after the July 31st age determination date wishes to play “up” in the next highest division with his or her classmates.

Move-ups in the Extra program will be considered on a case by case basis. Allowing a player to “move-up” will be determined by the Region 76 Board or those designated by the Region 76 Board to make the decision. By its very nature, the decision to allow a child to move up or not is subjective. Therefore, Region 76 will utilize the expertise of its most experienced coaches in making this decision for any child whose parents wish to have play up a division. The decision will be made solely by the Region 76 board or those members of the board appointed by our Regional Commissioner to make the decision. Once a decision has been made, it will not be subject to appeal

EXAMPLE: A boy who turns 10 in November of his 5th grade year may wish to play 11U so that he can play with his classmates who are several months older than him. Technically, due to his age, he would be placed in 10U.

Players who wish to play up and try out for an Extra team will be subjected to the same tryout process as the older players. Please be aware that it may work better for your child to have him or her play in the younger age group even though other players in the same grade are playing in the older one (and may increase your child's chances of being selected to an Extra team.

Club Players

Your child will be selected on the basis that he or she will not participate in a Club program while playing in the Extra Fall season, because the two programs require such high levels of commitment that a player on both a Club and an Extra team probably cannot satisfy his or her obligations to both teams. A player who joins a Club after being selected to participate on an Extra team should expect to lose his or her place on the Extra team. Exceptions may be made with the consent of the Regional Commissioner, which will be granted only in rare and unusual circumstances.

Participation in both the Extra Program during the Extra Spring Season and on a Club team will be decided on a case by case basis, but is highly unlikely. The consent of the Extra Program coordinator or the Regional Commissioner will still be required before a Club player may be permitted to participate on an Extra team during the Extra Spring season.