Extra Program

Introduction to AYSO Extra
This is your jumping off point to learn about the AYSO Region 76 Extra Program.

AYSO Extra is a PROGRESSIVE PLAYER PROGRAM designed to provide a more challenging level of soccer for AYSO players who have the interest, skills and abilities. It enhances that player's experience and individual growth through soccer while retaining the spirit of and organization membership in AYSO. Extra is not designed to overshadow or harm the standard primary program - rather the goal is to strengthen AYSO by recruiting and retaining players and volunteers through providing more competitive play the AYSO way - all Extra programs embrace the Six Philosophies of AYSO.

Section One has two playing circuits designated by East & West. Each circuit will play within their circuit and maintain separate standings. Cross circuit play may be necessary in some divisions in order to give every team a competitive playing season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Extra?

AYSO Extra is a competitive soccer program designed to provide a more challenging level of play for those players who possess the appropriate interest, skills and abilities and to enhance each player's experience and individual growth through the game of soccer while retaining the spirit and organization of AYSO. Teams in the Extra program compete against teams from Regions throughout the Inland Empire, and through tournaments, compete against teams throughout Southern California and neighboring states.

When are Tryouts for Extra?

The tryout dates and times for Extra can be found on our Extra Tryout Page. Teams are formed just a few weeks after tryouts.

When is the Extra Season?

The Extra season typically begins in August and runs through January. The Extra post-season begins in January and will typically run through May or June, depending on the tournaments a team applies for.

How Does Extra Compare to Club?

Both AYSO Extra and Club are competitive soccer programs targeting players that have a stronger desire and ability to play the great game of soccer. However, AYSO Extra focuses on the development of players in a competitive (but not a cut-throat) environment. All players in the AYSO Extra program will play at least 1/2 of every game. We believe the game is the best teacher, and no child should have to earn playing time.

“The best teacher of the game of soccer is the game itself; guaranteed playing time is what makes AYSO Extra such a great program for young soccer players.”

– Tim Ward – Head Coach, Pepperdine University Women’s Soccer Team

What is the Quality of Coaching/Training in the Extra Program?

All Extra coaches possess either an AYSO Intermediate, Advanced or National Certification, and several of our coaches (like Club coaches) also hold the USSF E-Licenses or NSCAA equivalents. All of our coaches go through additional training and education to keep their skills and knowledge of the game up to date. As well, professional trainers can also be used to work with the teams/players to further develop and enhance their skills. These sessions focus on technical and tactical development of all players, as well as keeper training for those players who play that position.

What are the Costs Associated with Extra?

Registration fees for the full year for AYSO Extra are approximately $550. This includes, uniforms, tournaments all league games in the Fall and Spring seasons, professional skills training and play-off tournament. Typically, Club programs cost between $800 - $3,000 per year.

How are Costs so Low?

Each Extra team will be responsible for volunteering a few times for the region during the year to earn money to pay for tournaments or anything else the team might need. In addition, referees are all in house and so refs are needed for home games and tournaments.

How Many Tournaments do Extra Teams Participate In?

There is no limit but most teams play between 4-6 tournaments in Spring and 1-3 tournaments in Fall.

What is the Season Game Schedule Like for Extra?

The game schedule is very similar to that of the regular Fall and Spring seasons with around 10 games per season usually on Saturdays. The only difference is that Extra plays half of their games in other regions around the Inland Empire and the other half in Riverside.

Will Extra Team Players Have Fall or Spring Team Conflicts?

No. Extra teams are formed after the Spring season is over and before the Fall season begins.. Players will never have to choose between the two.

Can an Extra player play on a Fall or Spring Core Team?

Unfortunately not. Extra teams require a higher level of commitment that is difficult to maintain if a player is on multiple teams.

Who can I contact if I have a question about Extra?

You can reach the Region 76 Extra Coordinators by emailing extra@ayso76.org.

How Can I Be Sure I receive Information About the upcoming Extra Tryouts?

To be added to the Region 76 mailing list and to be sure you receive the most up-to-date information about the Extra program and upcoming tryouts, please SUBSCRIBE HERE.