Coaches Bulletin

Hi Coaches,

We hope that you have a great weekend of family, fun, and lots of soccer.

A few reminders:

  1. Check-In

    You will check in for every game at the field at which your game is scheduled. Please check in for your first game no later than 45 minutes before it is due to start. You will be given your line-up cards (we will make any late changes manually at that time) for all four games. Leave time to fill cards in if you didn't enter players or changed players. The Sportsmanship Cup rubric is on the back of our line up cards so you'll need to use the ones we pre-printed for you or our forms. Please check in for all of your other games no later than 30 minutes before your game so we know you are at the field and to confirm that you have your medical releases with you. Every player must have a signed Registration Form/Medical Release form (AYSO National requirement). Electronically signed ones are okay. No player can play without one, so please make sure this is taken care of beforehand.

  2. Schedules

    We don't expect any further changes (past what we already announced in U10 and GU12 a few days ago), but the safest course is to check the schedules one last time to make sure you got the latest and greatest since that email.


    Coaches, we strongly urge you to cut and paste this and email it to team parents, referees and other spectators or print it out for them.

    • FIELDS

      • MAPS: Please visit for field locations, maps and notes regarding exact locations. All the fields are there now.
      • SYNTHETIC TURF FIELDS (Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Vista School), no Tents, no Food, no Liquids (except for water). No dogs (or other pets), may be brought onto the field. These are the rules of the schools and the park, please follow them, as our permits depend on your cooperation.
      • SPECTATORS: At Beverly Vista, no parents or other spectators between the two fields. Parents and spectators should be on the south side of the south field and the north side of the north field. At Beverly Hills High School parents and other spectators should sit in the stands . Only players and coaches should be on the field itself.
      • BEVERLY HILLS HIGH SCHOOL SPECIAL ACCESS AT GATE 11: There will be weekend basketball at BHHS. You may be able to enter by walking through the gate by the driveway to the field just north of the tennis courts on Spalding or in Gate 11 in the middle of the tennis courts. Gate 11 is the gate between two tennis courts right on Moreno Drive (where Moreno intersects with Spalding Drive; just north of Olympic). Restrooms will be available which are located on the north west side of the field.

      • La Cienega: There is a free City of Beverly Hills parking lot for La Cienega Park on the west side of La Cienega Boulevard going south. If there are any closures further north (see attachment), the best way to get to the lot is to go on Le Doux north from Olympic Boulevard, turn right on Gregory Way and right again on La Cienega Boulevard. The lot is FREE all day on Saturdays and Sundays. Street parking is limited and metered. Do not park in the semi-circle on Gregory Way you will be ticketed.
      • Beverly Vista: Please use the lot at the corner of Elm Drive and Gregory Way. It is free this weekend and no permit is required. Park on the street only if the lot is full.
      • Beverly Hills High School: Please use street parking. You may be able to use the parking lot on Moreno Drive on the eastern side of the school next to the Swim Gym.
      • Roxbury Park: You can park in the meter spaces around the whole park or adjoining city streets (check parking signs). Best spaces are in the alley on the west side of the park.
    • SCORES

      • Please review - the guidelines for scoring in this tournament. A couple of points:
        • First, the reason for this tournament is to allow your players to play without pressure. They will try just as hard as everyone wants to win but nothing is at stake, so the games are for fun. Please honor the spirit of the Sportsmanship Cup and encourage your players, your assistants and your parents to have fun, be positive, and enjoy themselves.
        • Second, by tradition, we do not announce the scores of the teams. Two teams per division in U10 and U12 and one in U14 with the most points will win a trophy and medals; everyone else will, we are sure, do well.

      • Food - There will be food available at La Cienega and Hahn, fresh fruit/sweets at Beverly Vista, candy/chips at BHHS, and Roxbury. Bring waters with you since there won't be snack bars available at BV, BHHS, or Roxbury (and there is a chance the snack bar at Hahn might be closed as well).
      • The La Cienega Park fitness machines are for adults only and not for use by AYSO participants. This area is OFF LIMITS during the Sportsmanship Cup, as adult community members use it for working out purposes.
      • Lost and Found: Please turn in found items to the field director at any field. We have a lost and found page on our website and will try to post information about items there. Email to have a lost or found item posted.

      • Game Schedules, Online Rosters and Website Problems - Michael Karlin at Referees and Referee Schedules - Alex Grossman at or Mourad Tighiouart at Rosters and all Other Questions - Mark & Cindy Dubin at All the best from the organizers of the 23rd Beverly Hills Sportsmanship Cup! Thank you.

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